ACL — Final Reflection

Gita C
2 min readSep 3, 2021

This is my last reflection for my ACL course!

The weekend is here, and suddenly I find myself wondering — what am I going to do this weekend? As against the last few weeks — how am I going to fit everything in?

Magically, it all did fit in — the ACL assignments, meeting schedule with our assignment buddies, family time, housework, and me time! The thinking and rumblings was… the course should be longer not shorter. Fact is that no matter how much time is given — each of us will do things and finish them in the way we are wired — some pacing it out, crammers, stop-start-stop-start. No surprises really.

One thing is for sure — I’m not the same person I was 8 weeks ago. I’ve been introduced to new ideas, tools and techniques pertaining to — Facilitation, Training, Teaching, Coaching, Feedback, Leadership styles, Org types, Human behaviour, etc. The course material is really good — informative and thought provoking.

While the course is about Agile Coaching — For me it was about changing people’s “Mindset”. To adopt and adapt the “Agile Mindset” . In a nutshell — its “Change your thinking — Change your life”.

The “Agile mindset” — its really a way of life. The world is changing rapidly, and unless we are able to learn, adapt and move quickly — we will be left behind. This philosophy can be used anywhere and everywhere! Its about getting people to understand who they are for themselves, how they work, be accepting of others, take ownership, be accountable — Which is life really.

I have become more self aware, clear thinking, communicating and listening more attentively — really listening to understand. I have started a few habits which I forgot along the way — like journaling and meditating.

I enjoyed the ride and am grateful to all my cohort mates and Jakub for the sessions. Thanks for creating a space of trust and for sharing graciously — which enriched the course. I have learnt something from each one and that will stay with me always!